An integrated property management system that build according to standard of leading Indonesia property developer, that fits to Indonesia's developer needs. A system with an end-to-end process & integrated single database which be applied to whole module start from Sales (Booking System) for unit leased or unit sold, including Commission System, Launching System, Project Cost & Contract, After Sales (Residential) System, Procurement, and Accounting System. (as seen picture below)

PT. Natasolusindo

NATA Sales System
is an comprehensive tools used by marketing properties that help automate sales function for easier sales activity. Not only perform as back office system, but also can be used as the sales tools to approach more prospect customers. This module provide some features that allow sales agent to have access for real time unit availability, unit pricing, and payment schedule illustration. So that there's no more issue of loss opportunity of unit selling, real time information, and miscalculation of unit price and payment schedule. Also it is already integrated with penalty calculation and sales commission system for each unit sold. More over, this module give much flexibility for sales administration making adjustment of payment schedule.

NATA Launching System
"The 1st and The Only One Integrated Launching System in Indonesia"
Launching System is the key for developer who wants a luxurious private and successful sales event with NUP (Nomor Urut Pembeli) method. It's the first and the only one integrated launching system in Indonesia. NATA not only design the fast booking sales system, also we control each flow of events to run smoothly. NATA system is supported with integrated functions starting from registration, entertaining room, and dealing room; which all of that are linked together and we ENSURE that there will be no double booked unit at the event.

NATA Leasing System
NATA helps manage your property of leased in one integrated, web based system; very suitable for retail shopping mall. The system allows you to create personalized and customization of rental schedule fee, type of deposit, and billing item which varies for each unit. More advanced, there is a billing generator for every month developer only needs to upload (by excel) electricity usage-for example-of each unit and all data is generated into each tenant's billing report.

NATA Project Cost & Contract
Project Cost & Contract is essential to take control of financial terms (project budget) and progress development work. At first, systems are planning the detail of work breakdown structure as baseline reference of each tasks development. Then the actual execution is following and can be compared to the project schedule planning. NATA System also supported with QVL System (Qualified Vendor List) which each vendor is given rating as reference to the next project. NATA Project Cost & Contract involves budgeting process, creation of bill of quantity (BOQ), tendering process, contract agreement, variation order request, and payment approval.

NATA Residential (After Sales) System

NATA Procurement System

NATA Accounting System