A Private Launching Event involves the flow processes, manpower, and systems. Each element can not go alone but must be supported by each other. Launching System is the key for developer who wants a luxurious private and successful sales event with NUP (Nomor Urut Pembeli) method. It's the first and the only one integrated launching system in Indonesia. NATA not only design the fast booking sales system, also we control each flow of events to run smoothly. NATA system is supported with integrated functions starting from registration, entertaining room, and dealing room; which all of that are linked together and we ENSURE that there will be no double booked unit at the event.

                  An exclusive private event for unit properties launching such as apartment, landed house, etc. We offer a full consultancy of event policy and exclusive designed sales system with capability of booking up to 1,000 units per day to achieve the successful event and drive high number of sales. We also cooperate with third party (EO) to arrange the decoration and layout.
Customer with invitation card (usually called NUP -     Nomor Urut Pembeli) are allowed to join the event     and able to choose and buy their preferences unit   properties. Registration process for each customer takes average time of 2 - 3 minutes.

VIP 1 (Entertaining Room)
VIP 1 is waiting room for customer number being displayed on the screen or called by the host, while they can enjoying the entertainment like food, music, and miniature display of unit properties. In here, customer are able to ask about their unit preferences, pricing policy, and others related to unit properties.

VIP 2 (Dealing Room)
VIP 2 is the peak room of event where customer fight for their unit not being taken by the other customer, that makes this dealing process must be fast and customer are sure with their choices. Dealing process takes average time of 2 - 5 minutes, measured by numbers of available unit. Here customer get printout of Order Confirmation as the legal sign of their unit purchase.