Customer Relationship Management

We provide a comprehensive data customer with the aim of preparing the needs of customer relationship management (CRM) in the future

Shopping Cart

Fast & easy check-out process.

Fast & Secure

NATA website is built by the light component of platform development. So, do not worry about loss opportunity of potential customer because of heavy load of your website.

Inventory Management System

Have your ONLINE WAREHOUSE ! Easily-managed product stock and warning system of running out product.

Sharing Source VB.NET

Taking full control over everything of your own. Add extra feature now or plan the next development in a year or two is now easy in your hand.

Content Management System

Not only selling product, also you manage your own editorial content. With NATA, you also get special offer of online editorial strategy & consultation.

Smart Navigation Design Templates

We design the templates based on research of customer habits and preferences of shopping online. Go pick your favourite and start monetizing!